Burning Wire Wool

For Christmas 2015 I was given a Photography Experience Day, which I finally got around to using in December 2016! The idea is simple. Stuff some »

Sous Vide Chocolate Tempering

I bit more on chocolate tempering using the Nomiku - as it's the end of the Christmas term and the children's teachers need chocolate houses! Vacuum »

Upgrading to Yosemite

On both my Macs, after upgrading to Yosemite I've had a problem with the Launchbar icon in the dock showing an empty progress bar, which doesn't »

Apple Watch and Swift

It seems to me pretty likely that 3rd party programming for the Apple Watch is only likely to be supported in Swift. Why? It's a chance »


While writing ParaDocs I spend a lot of time working on the icons... particularly the app icon the the document icon. This involves editing images in »